Game of Thrones :: Villains with Visions – Roose Bolton

“A smart commander does not abandon a defensive advantage…!!”

Roose Bolton, Game of Thrones

(—Roose Bolton—)

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Game of Thrones

Hello Westorousi People,

Valãr Morghülis.…!!

“The Lannisters send their regards….”

Directly coming to the point, do you remember how hard we wanted to slap and kill Roose Bolton when he stabbed Robb Stark…? I know we all remember him very well for that. House Bolton of Dreadfort was one of the most hated and savage house in the North. As their sigil suggests, they believed to kill their enemies by skinning them alive and burning their bodies by hanging them upside down on the X cross.

(—The Bolton Sigil—)

For Centuries before Starks were risen, Boltons once used to terrify the whole north by their dirty games and brutally killing men. The Starks defeated the Boltons and won the hearts and respect of all the Northerners. The Northerners then promoted Starks as “King in the North” until Aegon the conqueror took over the North. Boltons then started to be allies of the Starks.

When war of the five Kings started after Ned Stark’s death, Roose Bolton, as a Bannerman of Starks stood for fighting besides Robb.

But he was no fool, neither trustworthy, and here begins the visions, aspirations and acts of Roose Bolton.

(—Roose Bolton with Robb Stark—)

1) Tyrion Lannister’s masterstroke for Jaime’s custody was successful as Petyr Baelish aka Littlefinger somehow convinced Catelyn Stark to release Jaime in return of Arya and Sansa’s custody. This emotional blackmail was enough for Catelyn to make a blunder and thus, Karstarks stood against the decision of Catelyn for release of Jaime. This was a strong signal for Roose Bolton that Robb is going to lose this war and Roose played a brilliant game. Bolton’s men captured the ‘on the way Jaime’ and tortured him by cutting his hand. In return of Jaime’s safe return, Roose, along with Walder Frey, plotted with Tywin Lannister very secretly to Kill the stark family. This was eventually going to make Roose Bolton the Lord of Winterfell and it did happen. He killed Robb in the red wedding. In return,he became Warden of the North. The Winterfell was anyway occupied by his bastard son Ramsay. In war, we have anger, fury, excitement etc. But Roose was an excellent cold blooded murderer.

2) Yet this wasn’t all. He wanted Sansa Stark for his son Ramsay, but she was already married to Tyrion as per the brilliant game by Tywin. The plot of Joffrey’s murder was quite shared by Roose, as Littlefinger could successfully evacuate Sansa from the Capital in all those minutes of mess. She was then brought to Winterfell by Littlefinger. Sansa was the Key to hold the North and Roose’s position was always insecure when she was with the Lannisters. Roose stole her in the presence of Tywin himself, this would require guts. The only man who could outperform Tywin in politics, was Roose….!!

3) Ramsay’s nature wasn’t really kind for Roose as he pretended. That was known to him as well. Thus, Roose impregnated his another wife to plot a game of legacy. His plan was to control over the acts of Ramsay as he was literally taking over father’s legacy, by making him insecure about his legacy. The best way was to bring him a brother.

4) In one moment, Roose literally scolds Ramsay by saying that Ramsay could only torture the men but Roose was standing off against the Lannister army by stealing Sansa. In short he meant to say, he had bigger balls than Ramsay can’t even think.

(—Roose being killed by Ramsay—)

Robb’s death fas a bad fate. The way Roose stabbed him in belly, was his Karma going to repeat for him as well. When Roose’s new wife Lady Walda gave birth to sun, just after his conversation to Ramsay about the uncertainty of Ramsay’s legacy as Sansa fleed, Ramsay stabbed him the same way.

Brutal Ramsay was truly his father’s son…! The only weakness of Roose was his nature of betrayal and brutality being inherited into Ramsay. That got him killed. Roose still remains to be one of the best political gamers of Westorous….!!

Next and the last for the Series will be our beloved one… Cersei Lannister

Stay Tuned,

Warm Regards,

Dnyanesh Make “The DPM”


Hitting a Century – 100 Followers…!!

#Personal #HundredFollows

Most of whom I follow are having followers beyond 200 or 500. Some are having in tens of thousands. Well, it’s been a year I’m blogging on WordPress and today I hit a century in followers.

This is the destination where hope begins for blogging more and more…!

It was January 22nd, 2018 when I signed up for WordPress, following my best friend Vaibhav Joshi, who is also an occasional but excellent blogger. Wrote a small post and left. Nothing happened. Not a single view or like. I ignored that and forgot WordPress for almost 8 months further.

But all thanks to my friend Aishwarya Jaju who inspired me to blog again. Her blogs were excellent. Indirectly I was guided by her. It was only her who instructed me how to gather more traffic on WordPress. ऐश्वर्या माझ्यातल्या ब्लॉगर चा पुनर्जन्म तुच केलास एकंदर….!

And today, I’ve reached the destination where blogging actually means something. I’m grateful to all my 110 followers for your support. My journey has actually begun now.

Oh..One more achievement today…😊

T Series Vs PewDiePie : A Perfect Answer to Bitch Lasagna…!!


#Indian #GreatIndians

You must know the subscriber rivalry between the top two most subscribed channels on YouTube. It was okay till PewDiePie was in limits, but the controversial “Bitch Lasagna” has started spreading hatred against Indians. Let me give you a reply for Bitch Lasagna. But before that, watch this video “Bitch Lasagna” by PewDiePie

I don’t hate you PewDiePie, but it’s personal kid….You’ve crossed your limits…!

Bobs or Vegana, you can laugh at our English…;

But shut the fuck up before you say anything about our Country…!

It’s T Series whom you compete, not Indians, anyone…

Yes We India, we win, seems you wanna have some fun…!!

When you say shits against Indians, you moron,

Remember we’re giant economy, growing Number One..

Cause we’ve also just begun, So “Namaste” and have some fun….!

Oh Come on PewDiePie, it’s who you started drama…

So eat your own Shit Lasagna….Shit Lasagna… PewDiePie you deserve to eat a Shit Lasagna…!

So who the hell are you judging a country by a channel,

While you are a racist one and we’re intelligent panel ..!

Yes we have a great population, but do you fucking know how diverse is it’s cultural dimensions…?

Motu Patlu are simplest words you don’t even understand

Our languages are 22, United in a nation…!!

No Papa, Yes Papa, No Papa, Johny…

Give PewDiePie an answer and throw one more party with some Shit Lasagna….Shit Lasagna…. PewDiePie you have to eat your Shit Lasagna…!!

We’ve got a population of 1.32 billion

But that’s not supposed to raise T Series’s views in millions….!!!!

“””Fuck Off””””

Reply Lyrics by Dnyanesh Make “The DPM”

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The Sunshine Blogger Award

First of all, a big thanks to my blogger friend Neha Kulkarni for nominating me in this award. Neha is a brilliant poet and a charming blogger. Check out her blogs by clicking on her name above.

Now, for sunshine blogger award, here are Rules ::-

• Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog so others can find them.
• Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.
• Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them new questions.
• Notify the nominees about it on one of their own posts.
• List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post and/or your blog site.

So, Neha asked me these questions and here are my answers :-

Q1) How do you describe yourself in one statement…?

Ans :- I’m just as similar as you, a small medium of a great devine power.

Q2) Who has motivated you to blog…?

Ans : I always wanted to write blogs. But never really tried. It was my friend Vaibhav whom I followed and joined WordPress. It was another one of my friend Aishwarya who actually motivated me to write blogs more often.

Q3) What are your feelings and thoughts about me and Talk Exchange…?

Ans : You’re a nice girl and a very good poet. Being a man with literary and poetic turns of mind, I always have some honour for poets. Your blogs ‘Talk Exchange’ are as unique as its name. I expect much more good and unique content.

Q4) Who or what is your most favourite…?

Ans : Former PM of India Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee is my most favourite person ever. He was literally perfect in his job. I’ll soon be releasing a blog for him.

Q4) How do you define success…?

Ans : प्रयत्नांना योग्य फलित मिळालं आणि पायही जमिनीवर ठेवून वाटचाल चालूच ठेवण्याला, माझ्या मते, यश म्हणलं पाहिजे…!

Now I’m nominating these people for Sunshine Blogger Award.

1) Vaibhav Joshi

2) Aishwarya Jaju

3) April Teesdale

4) Ramyani Bhattacharya

5) Neha Kulkarni

6) Anjali (Positive Side of Coin)

7) Bharath Upendra

8) PoojaG

9) Edmark M Law

10) Asfa

11) Rahul Bagwe

My questions are ::-

1) Tell me in one sentence why do you blog…?

2) What are your other hobbies besides blogging..?

3) What’s your opinion on arranging a summit of bloggers all around the world…?

4) Do you believe in God’s existence.. ? If yes, then tell me your realisation. If no, tell me how did you decide to be born in your family…?

5) Do you believe “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” (The world is a family) theory…?

6) What are your contributions towards saving our environment..?

Answer these and be crowned with the Sunshine Blogger Award…!!

Warm Regards,

Dnyanesh Make “The DPM”

आपले विनीत : …. आणि समस्त माके (कुलकर्णी) परिवार

#Personal #Marathi

तीन वर्षांपूर्वी याच वेळी कार्यालयातून थकून भागून घरी येऊन घरच्या पाहुण्यांच्या चहापाणाची व्यवस्था पाहत होतो. लग्न मात्र अगदी साग्रसंगीत झालं. म्हणजे कसं… ते “साग्रसंगीत” म्हणवताना व्याही मंडळींकडून “थोडासा” त्रास झाला तरी लग्न व्यवस्थित झालं…मग छान…!

2015 चं अर्धं वर्षच मुळी लग्नाच्या तयारीत गेलं. निलिमा ताईचं लग्न म्हणजे एक जिवंत आठवण आहे. देवब्राम्हणापासून ते अगदी कार्यालयात सामान पोचवे पर्यंत सगळी कामं…त्यातही नवरीचा भाऊ म्हणजे सर्वांच्या आकर्षणाचं केंद्र(अर्थात कामं सांगण्यासाठी)…! थोडक्यात जरा शाब्दिक सफर करूया 29 डिसेंबर 2015 ची…

26 डिसेंम्बर 2015 रोजी देवब्राम्हण. हळद लावण्यापासून ते चुडा भरणे व मुहूर्त पूजेपर्यंत अगदी उल्हासात. मामेभावंडं कधी माझ्या घरी येतात तर हाच तो मजेचा काळ. मला आठवतं… हल्दीस्नानाच्या वेळी माझा मुद्दाम हट्ट की हळदीची गाणी लावायची. त्यासाठी होम थिएटर विकत आणण्याची वेगळी करामत आणि दुसऱ्या दिवशी अंगणात सगळ्यांनी त्याच होम थिएटर वर “शांताबाई” (झिंगाट नव्हतं ना तेव्हा) लावून फेर धरून नाचण्याची आणखी गंमत…! हे सगळं आजी – आजोबा पाहत होते…आणि दुसऱ्या नातीचं लग्न पाहतोय याचं समाधान त्यांच्या चेहऱ्यावर दिसत होतं.

लग्नात घालण्याच्या पेहरावासाठी मी जरा जास्तच खर्ची घातलं. म्हणजे लग्न निलिमाचं आहे की माझं हेच कळायला जागा नाही…😁

सीमंतीपूजनाच्या रात्री फारसे सुखद अनुभव आले नाहीत. सरबराई करणं काय असतं ते मला त्या दिवशी कळलं. इथून पुढे कुणाची सरबराई करणार तर नाहीच….स्वतःच लग्न (कधी केलंच तर) कोर्ट मॅरेज करेन हे नक्की…!!

वरातीत फारसा नाचण्याचा माहोल नसला तरी उत्साह भरपुर होता. आवर्जून मंगलाष्टक म्हणून मला माझ्या अल्पशा संगीत शिक्षणाचा अल्पसा परिचय देणं स्वाभाविक…😀

लग्नात सर्वाधिक आकर्षण होतं ते रुखवताचं. रुखवतावर नवरीच्या सासरच्यांसाठी संदेश होता. तो आज ते पाळत असतीलच अशी माझी आशा आहे.

बिदाई मध्ये रुकु ताईच्या लग्नात काही रडू आलं नाही. पण निलिमा स्वतःहून बिलगून अश्रू ढाळत असताना माझ्या डोळ्यात पाणी आलं…पुन्हा त्याचे प्रवाह वाहू लागले…!

असो…आज तीन वर्षे झाली. याचं फलित म्हणून “मामा” चा जप न सोडणारी भाची पण मिळाली. आता या लग्नाचं फलित सुखी आयुष्याच्या रूपाने निलिमा व निखीलराव दोघांनाही मिळो ही सदिच्छा….!!

Warm Regards,

Dnyanesh Make “The DPM”

The Versatile Blogger Award…🏆

First of all, A very big thanks to Aishwarya for nominating me for this award.

But honestly Aishwarya, what else I’ve written besides geo-political issues..? Versatility is a tough course. I’m almost nowhere close to it. Though I believe that friends and supporters like you will eventually help me become a good blogger.

Here I’m nominating these people for The Versatile Blogger Award.

1) Vaibhav Joshi (Advait)

Vaibhav is a hidden talent. I bet, a common man would never ever win an argument with him. Perhaps the most unbiased person I met. He has the vast amount of knowledge in literature and sociology. He also has a keen interest in music and keeps a vast information in that sector also. He’s a die-hard fan of A.R. Rahman and Loksatta’s veteran journalist Girish Kuber.

2) Aishwarya Jaju

My goodness, we’ve never met yet but are good friends. She has become a very good friend just by sharing blogs. Her blogs are just wonderful. The way she uses figure of speech is marvelous.

3) Anjor Khopde

Anjor is a wonderful orator. Her blogs can easily depict her versatile talent. Based on one of her blogs, she is good in quantitative aptitude. Well this is a fabulous cocktail. A person has both the mathematical and literary turns of mind.

Some blogs that I found the best are as :

1) “He would never be able to ride it” by Anjor

2) “Opinion on #MeToo” by Aishwarya

And here comes the best….

3) “A blog on Maratha Reservation Politics and Maharashtra’s CM” by Vaibhav

Now, seven things about me, Aishwarya…

1) I believe that everyone in this world is the source of similar energy, divided in many aspects. So I believe that no one is actually different.

2) I’m very self centred person and that, I believe, is a redeeming quality. Not giving a shit to what others say or what are they doing is a great talent that I learnt.

4. Now and always I’m anxious about mankind’s future… because judging by today, it is literally disastrous. You’ll read that in my upcoming blogs

5. I’m a deeply spiritual person. Believe it or not but I have certain vibes. I’m always in connection to someone with somewhere in my own consciousness.

6. I’ve many interests such as literature, traveling, exploring food and culture, exploring thoughts etc etc. The recent development is exploring detective techniques.

7. I’m an open book. I might even share details of my failed love story to a stranger. But in some cases I’m very conservative.

Upcoming Blogs in the next few months

A lot ideas and topics are in my mind. Few of them can be written and expressed. Thus, following blog series will be forthcoming after Cold War II series ends. Share this to all the blog lovers or the interested persons regarding these topics.

1)Winter Is Coming… One Way or the Other..!!

This is regarding the foreseeable disaster that’s ought to come because of environmental damage and possible nuclear wars. This series will be divided in 6 parts,each having 4 days gap. Possible timeline is 17th November to 10th December 2018.

2) India – The Next Global Superpower

This series will let you know all the facts,myths and probabilities of India’s aspect of being a global superpower. It will be divided into 3 parts,each having 3 days gap. Probable timeline is 16 December to 31st December.

3)The Cold War II – Season 2

This series,an extension of current series will be explaining the updates of this rivalry between China and the US. All the consequences happened and probabilities to be deducted will be there in mid January 2019. It will be divided into 3 parts having 4 days gap.

P.S. All these blogs will be in English.

Warm Regards,

Dnyanesh Make “the DPM”.

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