2019 – गुलाल आपलाच…!! (Victory is Ours)

The first blog of 2019….

It’s morning 9:17, January 1st, 2019 in India while I’m writing this. Almost all the Eastern and European countries have entered 2019. Some American countries or states may haven’t yet.

2019 is not just a year, it’s a path. A good hope of restructuring our messed up lives, like every other year before. Hope we actually do something very effective to make 2019 a great and glorious year for ourselves.

(—The First Rays of 2019 in Japan—)

But, for amusement, recreations and politics, and the future of India and the world, 2019 is a very very special year. Now that Cold War II (Trade War) has started between The US and China, it is exciting to see how Dollar defends versus how Yuan attacks. Interesting to see whether Syrian Refugee Crisis ends, whether Indian economy surpasses Britain and becomes 5th largest and many more such political issues.

Game of Thrones Season 8 is set to be released in April. I must tell, those 6 Sundays will be damn exciting. Similarly in April, Avengers End Game is gonna release, a double dose.

The world is mad for Football but the people of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Australia, England, South Africa, West Indies, New Zealand will be very much busy in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. Cricket is a religion for these people and ICC World Cup is a “Once in 4 years” ceremony….!!

Being a citizen of India, this last paragraph belongs to India now. The internationally known Modi government is set to complete it’s term in this April. The General Elections in India are set to begin in mid April, till mid May and After that, which party takes over the Throne of largest democracy in the world is way too exciting. If Modi becomes PM again, we can hope that the 75th Independence day on 15th August 2022 will be more glorious than, if , Rahul Gandhi becomes PM. However, clear majority is not possible for BJP. AIADMK, Shivsena and TRS will be the King Makers. The sectors of Highways, Railways, Power, Sanitation, Cleanliness and Law & Order has done quite well in Modi government. If they re-elect, hope they continue to do so.

I belong to the state of Maharashtra. The Assembly Elections of Maharashtra will be held in October. The most controversial, alleged, attacked yet effective government has failed to please the rural areas of the State. The CM Fadnavis is also at target because of his “caste”. Thus, this election will be even more difficult for BJP. If it does re-elect, Fadnavis sets a record of being the 2nd CM, being elected for consecutive terms.

Every case I stated above, my bias is involved, so as others’. Thus I expect from 2019, a victory over my bias. Even if the dead army wins in the final season of GoT, I’ll be pleased that the all time war seekers are lost. Even if Modi fails to become PM again, I’ll be pleased that Rahul has emerged from a fool to cool. These all are conflict of interests. Thus, winning over bias is the great victory. The eternal victory.

2019 गुलाल आपलाच….!!

Warm Regards,

Dnyanesh Make “The DPM”


Game of Thrones : Villains with Visions – Ramsay Bolton

“If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention…!”

Ramsay Bolton, Game of Thrones

(—Ramsay Bolton—)

“””Disclaimer : If you don’t know what Game of Thrones is, please go through this link and read my previous blog.”””

Game of Thrones

Hello Westorousi People,

Valãr Morghülis…!

While watching the first 2 seasons of GoT, did we ever think someone even more brutal af will be there, other than Joffrey..? But then he came in season 3. For almost a season, we didn’t even know his name. All we could guess, that he was the bastard son of Roose Bolton. Though, he was playing hard. His brutality was making us happy till some point. He literally broke Theon Greyjoy from inside. For the first few episodes of his torture to Theon, we were like “C’mon dude, hurt the traitor more”… Soon as he “cut” him, we were scared the shit out of us.

(—Ramsay torturing Theon Greyjoy—)

Ramsay Roose Bolton, a bastard son of betrayer Roose. He was much more than just being a brutal killer and a torturer. He was a splendid manipulator of people. He did not care anyone but himself. Let us know how brilliant was his politics.

When given a chance to take over Winterfell from Theon, indirectly by Robb Stark, he could have done it simply by killing Theon, but his plans were different. He made Theon weak. He broke him from inside so that the invasion by his people, the iron islanders can be broken by torturing him. The success of breaking Theon’s self is evident when his sister Yara comes to save him, he refuses to go. Theon’s subconscious is upheld by Ramsay when he names him ‘Reek’ and makes to act as he says. While Ramsay had a task of occupying Moat Cailin, the southern edge of the North, occupied by iron islanders, Theon is brilliantly used to manipulate them. Thus, we can say Ramsay had a vision as he did not kill Theon but manipulated him.

(—Ramsay brilliantly manipulates Theon—)

His visionary aspect is more evident when in the 2nd episode of season 4, he recognises Jon Snow as a threat to Boltons’ claim on Winterfell. His estimate was actually true, because as we know, Jon Snow overthrew him from Winterfell by defeating him in the Battle of Bastards.

His aspect on recognising Jon as a threat had a plan. He wanted to attack the Night’s Watch. Roose Bolton questioned him in this regard if he wanted to raise every house in the North against them, by attacking the Night’s Watch. Ramsay calmly said that the Umbers and the Karstarks, on Boltons’side, together hold more army than all other houses in the North. This plan didn’t actually carried.

(—Ramsay being beaten by Jon—)

Too much pride is a poison. Thus, poor Sansa, another victim of Ramsay’s brutality turned out to be a devil for him. The defeat of Ramsay was more of his own mistake rather than Jon’s bravery. We celebrated his death but he remained to be the most hated character and the most admired villain in the history of the Novel series and the TV series.

Stay tuned. Next villain will be Roose Bolton.

Warm Regards,

Dnyanesh Make “The DPM”

Game of Thrones : Villains with Visions – Joffrey Baratheon

“””Disclaimer : If you don’t know what Game of Thrones is, please go through this link and read my previous blog.”””

Game of Thrones

Hello Westorousi People….

Valãr Morghülis..!!

There are two kinds of people in the world…those who hate Joffrey and those who don’t watch GoT. As all of us know that Joffrey was never really a Baratheon but a Lannister, this was known to him as well. Although, he loved his father. This statement has very less evidences in support but he did love Robert Baratheon as a father…at least for his own sake of being a Crown Prince and a would be King. When Ned Stark plotted against him, his mother was smart enough to defend Joffrey and seize Ned, but Joffrey wasn’t smart as he beheaded Ned and invited many wars at doorstep. Even in Season 2 Episode 6, Tyrion, his uncle and Hand of the King, slapped him saying “A Vicious Idiot King.” For all we are impressed, is Joffrey was a cruel, selfish but idiot King.

But very few have gone through the aspect of Joffery which I’m going to tell. He had a vision for his own reign. He had it as a King should have. Let me give you an example, in Season 1 Episode 3, when he used to be Crown Prince, he suggests Cersei, his Mother and the Queen, that an army trained by soldiers should be appointed to the Crown. He was of opinion that the Northerners have been given too much power. Someone loyal to the Crown should be given the charge of the North as Warden of the North. Did you notice what Tywin Lannister, his grandfather and subsequent Hand of the King did in Season 3 to end the Northern rebellion…? He plotted with Roose Bolton to Kill the Stark family in return of making Roose Warden of the North. Joffrey suggested this in Season 1….!!

If you ever notice Tommen, his younger brother, when became of the same age as was Joffrey in Season 1 and 2, all he wanted to do was to have his Queen Margaery in his bed. He was mad in love with her. Joffrey, on the other hand, enjoyed torturing and humiliating people. He was romantic with Margaery at times but was never mad for her. He had a vision for his own reign. He wanted to rule cruelly. He wanted to have everyone to his feet. Alas, there was Sansa who can expose him to Lady Olenna, he couldn’t.

In Season 2 Episode 1, Joffrey rudely asks Cersei if Robert has any children from prostitutes. In the same discussion, we came to know that Joffrey was aware of his real biological father. He has a plan for strengthening his claim to the throne. Oh wait, in the scene, he says “It’s not claim, the throne is mine.” He then orders to kill all the bastard sons of Robert Baratheon. Had Cersei even thought this…? Joffrey had a vision for his reign.

But he remained an idiot though, thus got killed. His death was celebrated amongst fans. His brutality as a villain stayed with us.

Next villain will be Ramsay Bolton….!!

Warm Regards,

Dnyanesh Make “the DPM”

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Game of Thrones

I have always been loving to watch movies and fictional shows. Being an Indian,I had access to Bollywood movies in my childhood which I loved. My genres of loving fiction have always been improving periodically. The day I realised south Indian dubbed movies are the worst shit I can watch,my journey towards quality content was begun.

On heavy recommendations from my friend Vaibhav,I started watching Game of Thrones (Thanks to the pirated copies he had). In just 34 days…I had done with all the 7 seasons. The show was so fantastic as I found….that the season 4,I started watching 8.00 PM, Around 6’0 clock in the morning I had watched the season completely.

After watching all the seasons,I once again started to watch it from the beginning,but with a rapid speed. I started to understand the whole and untold stories. I read the extracts from the books and found some clues and amazing subsequences that are not shown in the TV series.

(—The Map of Game of Thrones World—-)

Coming to the storyline, written by George R R Martin in 1996,the first book of the series ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’,”Game of Thrones” was published. A completely fictional story in a fictional world with a bulk of extra ordinary characters.

(— A still from the Battle of Blackwater—)

The story revolves around the era of medieval age where houses and kingdoms are busy in the internal politics,a supernatural threat in winter is ought to come and destroy them. A few are being aware and rest are enjoying the politics,wars and betrayals. TV series states this much but the history far beyond the rise of seven kingdoms,the rise of men and the mankind in this world is stated in the books. I’ll explain the whole history in detail but in next articles….!!

(—The Demon who doesn’t really haunt, but literally destroys everything. The Night King—)

Warm Regards..!!!