T Series Vs PewDiePie : A Perfect Answer to Bitch Lasagna…!!


#Indian #GreatIndians

You must know the subscriber rivalry between the top two most subscribed channels on YouTube. It was okay till PewDiePie was in limits, but the controversial “Bitch Lasagna” has started spreading hatred against Indians. Let me give you a reply for Bitch Lasagna. But before that, watch this video “Bitch Lasagna” by PewDiePie

I don’t hate you PewDiePie, but it’s personal kid….You’ve crossed your limits…!

Bobs or Vegana, you can laugh at our English…;

But shut the fuck up before you say anything about our Country…!

It’s T Series whom you compete, not Indians, anyone…

Yes We India, we win, seems you wanna have some fun…!!

When you say shits against Indians, you moron,

Remember we’re giant economy, growing Number One..

Cause we’ve also just begun, So “Namaste” and have some fun….!

Oh Come on PewDiePie, it’s who you started drama…

So eat your own Shit Lasagna….Shit Lasagna… PewDiePie you deserve to eat a Shit Lasagna…!

So who the hell are you judging a country by a channel,

While you are a racist one and we’re intelligent panel ..!

Yes we have a great population, but do you fucking know how diverse is it’s cultural dimensions…?

Motu Patlu are simplest words you don’t even understand

Our languages are 22, United in a nation…!!

No Papa, Yes Papa, No Papa, Johny…

Give PewDiePie an answer and throw one more party with some Shit Lasagna….Shit Lasagna…. PewDiePie you have to eat your Shit Lasagna…!!

We’ve got a population of 1.32 billion

But that’s not supposed to raise T Series’s views in millions….!!!!

“””Fuck Off””””

Reply Lyrics by Dnyanesh Make “The DPM”

©Do Not Copy. All Rights are Reserved©

18 thoughts on “T Series Vs PewDiePie : A Perfect Answer to Bitch Lasagna…!!

  1. Nice song buddy! But you have to accept the fact that people asking for bob and vagana live among us xD. You shouldn’t be butthurt about that. And yeah we have 1.3billion population that’s why T series has become such a giant, you need to understand about the youtube algorithm as well. T series releases 20 videos a day so of course it has more reach than PewDiePie. And indian YouTube community is gradually increasing that’s why the subscribers!


    1. Why did you just assume that I denied the fact that Indian men make dirty talks to girls in their inboxes. In the very first line I’ve liberalized his comedy over Indians’ vernacular English. Secondly, T Series mostly publishes Hindi or Punjabi songs. It’s true that most spoken language is Hindi in our country but non Hindi speakers are not supposed to subscribe to T Series or listen to this. In short, I criticized him on the grounds of generalising and stereotyping. Dude we’ve so much diversity in our culture, for what he used the word mumble. I have no patriotic complex for T Series but generalizing entire India and it’s linguistic and social culture is what the PewDiePie guy did wrong. That’s what I dissed.
      Regarding 1.3 billion, I agree on your notion but dude I ain’t supporting T Series either. You have to accept the fact that all 1.3 billion people are not one and the same and will compulsorily like T Series content. We have so much to be proud of other than T Series.


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