The Versatile Blogger Award…🏆

First of all, A very big thanks to Aishwarya for nominating me for this award.

But honestly Aishwarya, what else I’ve written besides geo-political issues..? Versatility is a tough course. I’m almost nowhere close to it. Though I believe that friends and supporters like you will eventually help me become a good blogger.

Here I’m nominating these people for The Versatile Blogger Award.

1) Vaibhav Joshi (Advait)

Vaibhav is a hidden talent. I bet, a common man would never ever win an argument with him. Perhaps the most unbiased person I met. He has the vast amount of knowledge in literature and sociology. He also has a keen interest in music and keeps a vast information in that sector also. He’s a die-hard fan of A.R. Rahman and Loksatta’s veteran journalist Girish Kuber.

2) Aishwarya Jaju

My goodness, we’ve never met yet but are good friends. She has become a very good friend just by sharing blogs. Her blogs are just wonderful. The way she uses figure of speech is marvelous.

3) Anjor Khopde

Anjor is a wonderful orator. Her blogs can easily depict her versatile talent. Based on one of her blogs, she is good in quantitative aptitude. Well this is a fabulous cocktail. A person has both the mathematical and literary turns of mind.

Some blogs that I found the best are as :

1) “He would never be able to ride it” by Anjor

2) “Opinion on #MeToo” by Aishwarya

And here comes the best….

3) “A blog on Maratha Reservation Politics and Maharashtra’s CM” by Vaibhav

Now, seven things about me, Aishwarya…

1) I believe that everyone in this world is the source of similar energy, divided in many aspects. So I believe that no one is actually different.

2) I’m very self centred person and that, I believe, is a redeeming quality. Not giving a shit to what others say or what are they doing is a great talent that I learnt.

4. Now and always I’m anxious about mankind’s future… because judging by today, it is literally disastrous. You’ll read that in my upcoming blogs

5. I’m a deeply spiritual person. Believe it or not but I have certain vibes. I’m always in connection to someone with somewhere in my own consciousness.

6. I’ve many interests such as literature, traveling, exploring food and culture, exploring thoughts etc etc. The recent development is exploring detective techniques.

7. I’m an open book. I might even share details of my failed love story to a stranger. But in some cases I’m very conservative.


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