Game of Thrones :: Villains with Visions – Roose Bolton

“A smart commander does not abandon a defensive advantage…!!”

Roose Bolton, Game of Thrones

(—Roose Bolton—)

“””Disclaimer : If you don’t know what Game of Thrones is, please go through this link and read my previous blog.”””

Game of Thrones

Hello Westorousi People,

Valãr Morghülis.…!!

“The Lannisters send their regards….”

Directly coming to the point, do you remember how hard we wanted to slap and kill Roose Bolton when he stabbed Robb Stark…? I know we all remember him very well for that. House Bolton of Dreadfort was one of the most hated and savage house in the North. As their sigil suggests, they believed to kill their enemies by skinning them alive and burning their bodies by hanging them upside down on the X cross.

(—The Bolton Sigil—)

For Centuries before Starks were risen, Boltons once used to terrify the whole north by their dirty games and brutally killing men. The Starks defeated the Boltons and won the hearts and respect of all the Northerners. The Northerners then promoted Starks as “King in the North” until Aegon the conqueror took over the North. Boltons then started to be allies of the Starks.

When war of the five Kings started after Ned Stark’s death, Roose Bolton, as a Bannerman of Starks stood for fighting besides Robb.

But he was no fool, neither trustworthy, and here begins the visions, aspirations and acts of Roose Bolton.

(—Roose Bolton with Robb Stark—)

1) Tyrion Lannister’s masterstroke for Jaime’s custody was successful as Petyr Baelish aka Littlefinger somehow convinced Catelyn Stark to release Jaime in return of Arya and Sansa’s custody. This emotional blackmail was enough for Catelyn to make a blunder and thus, Karstarks stood against the decision of Catelyn for release of Jaime. This was a strong signal for Roose Bolton that Robb is going to lose this war and Roose played a brilliant game. Bolton’s men captured the ‘on the way Jaime’ and tortured him by cutting his hand. In return of Jaime’s safe return, Roose, along with Walder Frey, plotted with Tywin Lannister very secretly to Kill the stark family. This was eventually going to make Roose Bolton the Lord of Winterfell and it did happen. He killed Robb in the red wedding. In return,he became Warden of the North. The Winterfell was anyway occupied by his bastard son Ramsay. In war, we have anger, fury, excitement etc. But Roose was an excellent cold blooded murderer.

2) Yet this wasn’t all. He wanted Sansa Stark for his son Ramsay, but she was already married to Tyrion as per the brilliant game by Tywin. The plot of Joffrey’s murder was quite shared by Roose, as Littlefinger could successfully evacuate Sansa from the Capital in all those minutes of mess. She was then brought to Winterfell by Littlefinger. Sansa was the Key to hold the North and Roose’s position was always insecure when she was with the Lannisters. Roose stole her in the presence of Tywin himself, this would require guts. The only man who could outperform Tywin in politics, was Roose….!!

3) Ramsay’s nature wasn’t really kind for Roose as he pretended. That was known to him as well. Thus, Roose impregnated his another wife to plot a game of legacy. His plan was to control over the acts of Ramsay as he was literally taking over father’s legacy, by making him insecure about his legacy. The best way was to bring him a brother.

4) In one moment, Roose literally scolds Ramsay by saying that Ramsay could only torture the men but Roose was standing off against the Lannister army by stealing Sansa. In short he meant to say, he had bigger balls than Ramsay can’t even think.

(—Roose being killed by Ramsay—)

Robb’s death fas a bad fate. The way Roose stabbed him in belly, was his Karma going to repeat for him as well. When Roose’s new wife Lady Walda gave birth to sun, just after his conversation to Ramsay about the uncertainty of Ramsay’s legacy as Sansa fleed, Ramsay stabbed him the same way.

Brutal Ramsay was truly his father’s son…! The only weakness of Roose was his nature of betrayal and brutality being inherited into Ramsay. That got him killed. Roose still remains to be one of the best political gamers of Westorous….!!

Next and the last for the Series will be our beloved one… Cersei Lannister

Stay Tuned,

Warm Regards,

Dnyanesh Make “The DPM”


Hitting a Century – 100 Followers…!!

#Personal #HundredFollows

Most of whom I follow are having followers beyond 200 or 500. Some are having in tens of thousands. Well, it’s been a year I’m blogging on WordPress and today I hit a century in followers.

This is the destination where hope begins for blogging more and more…!

It was January 22nd, 2018 when I signed up for WordPress, following my best friend Vaibhav Joshi, who is also an occasional but excellent blogger. Wrote a small post and left. Nothing happened. Not a single view or like. I ignored that and forgot WordPress for almost 8 months further.

But all thanks to my friend Aishwarya Jaju who inspired me to blog again. Her blogs were excellent. Indirectly I was guided by her. It was only her who instructed me how to gather more traffic on WordPress. ऐश्वर्या माझ्यातल्या ब्लॉगर चा पुनर्जन्म तुच केलास एकंदर….!

And today, I’ve reached the destination where blogging actually means something. I’m grateful to all my 110 followers for your support. My journey has actually begun now.

Oh..One more achievement today…😊

T Series Vs PewDiePie : A Perfect Answer to Bitch Lasagna…!!


#Indian #GreatIndians

You must know the subscriber rivalry between the top two most subscribed channels on YouTube. It was okay till PewDiePie was in limits, but the controversial “Bitch Lasagna” has started spreading hatred against Indians. Let me give you a reply for Bitch Lasagna. But before that, watch this video “Bitch Lasagna” by PewDiePie

I don’t hate you PewDiePie, but it’s personal kid….You’ve crossed your limits…!

Bobs or Vegana, you can laugh at our English…;

But shut the fuck up before you say anything about our Country…!

It’s T Series whom you compete, not Indians, anyone…

Yes We India, we win, seems you wanna have some fun…!!

When you say shits against Indians, you moron,

Remember we’re giant economy, growing Number One..

Cause we’ve also just begun, So “Namaste” and have some fun….!

Oh Come on PewDiePie, it’s who you started drama…

So eat your own Shit Lasagna….Shit Lasagna… PewDiePie you deserve to eat a Shit Lasagna…!

So who the hell are you judging a country by a channel,

While you are a racist one and we’re intelligent panel ..!

Yes we have a great population, but do you fucking know how diverse is it’s cultural dimensions…?

Motu Patlu are simplest words you don’t even understand

Our languages are 22, United in a nation…!!

No Papa, Yes Papa, No Papa, Johny…

Give PewDiePie an answer and throw one more party with some Shit Lasagna….Shit Lasagna…. PewDiePie you have to eat your Shit Lasagna…!!

We’ve got a population of 1.32 billion

But that’s not supposed to raise T Series’s views in millions….!!!!

“””Fuck Off””””

Reply Lyrics by Dnyanesh Make “The DPM”

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Winter is Coming – The Final Part (Part 4) :: Possible Solutions We Have…

#Environmental #GlobalWarming

If you haven’t read previous 3 parts of this blog series, please go through these links and read them. They are important as well as interesting.

Winter is Coming – Part One

Winter is Coming – Part Two

Winter is Coming – Part Three

Now, the whole crux of all these blogs in brief is as follows :

(—The Melting of Ice Shelf in Arctic—)

1) Global Warming is an unavoidable truth. It’s causing melting of polar ice shelf and rise in the ocean levels. Extreme climatic conditions and increase in natural disasters as well. The stoppage of Gulf Stream is certain and thus the upcoming ice age.

2) The long term disasters are too far to be survived as increasing droughts, floods and hurricanes will cause a big harm to humanity.

3) This is certain and unavoidable. It already has caused much more loss than ever before.

Now, do we have a solution…? Are we doing anything to try to minimise it..? Have world ever witnessed a solution to disasters caused by global warming…? This is where the last part of my blog series begins.

The International Achievements

1)The representatives from all over the world has identified and authorised Global Warming and ozone layer discrepancy as a common global threat back in 1980’s. The average global temperature was agreed not to be increased beyond 1.5 degrees. The ozone layer was found torn in the skies of Antarctica. The carbon particles in air were agreed to be minimised by introducing low carbon emitting equipments. Thus, we really did well. The ozone layer over Antarctica was resettled by our efforts. Alas, ozone layer has started to tear down over Arctic again….the reason for gulf stream stoppage remember…? No..? Read the first part again…!

2) Carbon emitting vehicles are tremendously being lowered and replaced with CNG and electrified vehicles. Though, we have much more to be achieved in this regard. Countries like India, US still have carbon emitting vehicles in abundance. Electrified public transport is the solution they’re working on. Almost 10 metro cities in India have metro trains. 20 more cities have metros under construction. These will reduce bike and car commuters to a great extent… eventually declining the air and noise pollution throughout the cities with population in millions. This will make a huge difference. Still, there’s much more needed.

(—The Construction of Metro Rail in Pune, India—)

Fuel engine cars and bikes should be gradually replaced with electric ones. There are standards set for lower carbon emitting engines in vehicles such as Euro Standard, Bharat Standard etc. These update every few years. In all these environment safety compilations, Europe is very alert and progressive.

(—The Solar Panels at the rooftop of Parking lot in Cochin Airport, Kerala, India—)

3)India and China are nonetheless backward in environment protection program. India has remarkable achievement in generation of Solar Energy in recent 4 years. China also has many innovative programs for environmental safety.

(—Former president of US Mr. Barack Obama in Copenhagen Summit, 2009—)

4) The environmental summits of Kyoto and Copenhagen were quite successful as International co-ordination was achieved to a great level. If it weren’t for the US President Barack Obama and the Prime Ministers/Presidents of BRICS nations, Copenhagen summit would fail.

But all these are international stuffs. Macro level data always differs with micro level reality. Let winter come whenever it has to, we will do what we can, collectively it will make a different.

So, possible solutions we have are :-

1) Do not use water more than 12 litres for bathing. No shower at all.

2) Plant a tree wherever you feel there’s a need.

3) Harvest the rainwater, whether you have or not the borewell.

4) Spread environmental awareness as much as possible.

5) Use public transport more often. If you must show your expensive car, make sure you plant 2 trees for every kilometre beyond 100.

6) Make a group of people and dig some canals over the slopes of hills and mountains in Summers. Believe me, they store more than enough water in the shortest rainfall. Search for the work of Paani Foundation in Maharashtra State of India, they did it successfully.

7) Use organic fertilizers in the fields. Don’t ever bother the soil by taking wrong crops that it can’t hold.

8) Pressurise your leaders, representatives, bureaucrats, and government regarding environmental safety programs.

Let me show you a video to dictate the value of water.

The environment is imbalanced. Disasters will come to destroy us every year, worse than before. Let’s face everything with humanity’s eternal power of love. Let’s have some work towards humanity’s one and single goal, the survival….!!

This series ends here. It took me a lot of efforts to research and compile. All this, I’ve done, wasn’t for money or fame. Environmental disasters are real and unavoidable. I just felt that it was my duty to spread some awareness.

Following are the references of all the blog posts of this series.


Ex IAS Avinash Dharmadhikari’s 3 lectures on environment.

Warm Regards,

Dnyanesh Make “The DPM”

2019 – गुलाल आपलाच…!! (Victory is Ours)

The first blog of 2019….

It’s morning 9:17, January 1st, 2019 in India while I’m writing this. Almost all the Eastern and European countries have entered 2019. Some American countries or states may haven’t yet.

2019 is not just a year, it’s a path. A good hope of restructuring our messed up lives, like every other year before. Hope we actually do something very effective to make 2019 a great and glorious year for ourselves.

(—The First Rays of 2019 in Japan—)

But, for amusement, recreations and politics, and the future of India and the world, 2019 is a very very special year. Now that Cold War II (Trade War) has started between The US and China, it is exciting to see how Dollar defends versus how Yuan attacks. Interesting to see whether Syrian Refugee Crisis ends, whether Indian economy surpasses Britain and becomes 5th largest and many more such political issues.

Game of Thrones Season 8 is set to be released in April. I must tell, those 6 Sundays will be damn exciting. Similarly in April, Avengers End Game is gonna release, a double dose.

The world is mad for Football but the people of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Australia, England, South Africa, West Indies, New Zealand will be very much busy in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. Cricket is a religion for these people and ICC World Cup is a “Once in 4 years” ceremony….!!

Being a citizen of India, this last paragraph belongs to India now. The internationally known Modi government is set to complete it’s term in this April. The General Elections in India are set to begin in mid April, till mid May and After that, which party takes over the Throne of largest democracy in the world is way too exciting. If Modi becomes PM again, we can hope that the 75th Independence day on 15th August 2022 will be more glorious than, if , Rahul Gandhi becomes PM. However, clear majority is not possible for BJP. AIADMK, Shivsena and TRS will be the King Makers. The sectors of Highways, Railways, Power, Sanitation, Cleanliness and Law & Order has done quite well in Modi government. If they re-elect, hope they continue to do so.

I belong to the state of Maharashtra. The Assembly Elections of Maharashtra will be held in October. The most controversial, alleged, attacked yet effective government has failed to please the rural areas of the State. The CM Fadnavis is also at target because of his “caste”. Thus, this election will be even more difficult for BJP. If it does re-elect, Fadnavis sets a record of being the 2nd CM, being elected for consecutive terms.

Every case I stated above, my bias is involved, so as others’. Thus I expect from 2019, a victory over my bias. Even if the dead army wins in the final season of GoT, I’ll be pleased that the all time war seekers are lost. Even if Modi fails to become PM again, I’ll be pleased that Rahul has emerged from a fool to cool. These all are conflict of interests. Thus, winning over bias is the great victory. The eternal victory.

2019 गुलाल आपलाच….!!

Warm Regards,

Dnyanesh Make “The DPM”

The Sunshine Blogger Award

First of all, a big thanks to my blogger friend Neha Kulkarni for nominating me in this award. Neha is a brilliant poet and a charming blogger. Check out her blogs by clicking on her name above.

Now, for sunshine blogger award, here are Rules ::-

• Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog so others can find them.
• Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.
• Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them new questions.
• Notify the nominees about it on one of their own posts.
• List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post and/or your blog site.

So, Neha asked me these questions and here are my answers :-

Q1) How do you describe yourself in one statement…?

Ans :- I’m just as similar as you, a small medium of a great devine power.

Q2) Who has motivated you to blog…?

Ans : I always wanted to write blogs. But never really tried. It was my friend Vaibhav whom I followed and joined WordPress. It was another one of my friend Aishwarya who actually motivated me to write blogs more often.

Q3) What are your feelings and thoughts about me and Talk Exchange…?

Ans : You’re a nice girl and a very good poet. Being a man with literary and poetic turns of mind, I always have some honour for poets. Your blogs ‘Talk Exchange’ are as unique as its name. I expect much more good and unique content.

Q4) Who or what is your most favourite…?

Ans : Former PM of India Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee is my most favourite person ever. He was literally perfect in his job. I’ll soon be releasing a blog for him.

Q4) How do you define success…?

Ans : प्रयत्नांना योग्य फलित मिळालं आणि पायही जमिनीवर ठेवून वाटचाल चालूच ठेवण्याला, माझ्या मते, यश म्हणलं पाहिजे…!

Now I’m nominating these people for Sunshine Blogger Award.

1) Vaibhav Joshi

2) Aishwarya Jaju

3) April Teesdale

4) Ramyani Bhattacharya

5) Neha Kulkarni

6) Anjali (Positive Side of Coin)

7) Bharath Upendra

8) PoojaG

9) Edmark M Law

10) Asfa

11) Rahul Bagwe

My questions are ::-

1) Tell me in one sentence why do you blog…?

2) What are your other hobbies besides blogging..?

3) What’s your opinion on arranging a summit of bloggers all around the world…?

4) Do you believe in God’s existence.. ? If yes, then tell me your realisation. If no, tell me how did you decide to be born in your family…?

5) Do you believe “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” (The world is a family) theory…?

6) What are your contributions towards saving our environment..?

Answer these and be crowned with the Sunshine Blogger Award…!!

Warm Regards,

Dnyanesh Make “The DPM”

आपले विनीत : …. आणि समस्त माके (कुलकर्णी) परिवार

#Personal #Marathi

तीन वर्षांपूर्वी याच वेळी कार्यालयातून थकून भागून घरी येऊन घरच्या पाहुण्यांच्या चहापाणाची व्यवस्था पाहत होतो. लग्न मात्र अगदी साग्रसंगीत झालं. म्हणजे कसं… ते “साग्रसंगीत” म्हणवताना व्याही मंडळींकडून “थोडासा” त्रास झाला तरी लग्न व्यवस्थित झालं…मग छान…!

2015 चं अर्धं वर्षच मुळी लग्नाच्या तयारीत गेलं. निलिमा ताईचं लग्न म्हणजे एक जिवंत आठवण आहे. देवब्राम्हणापासून ते अगदी कार्यालयात सामान पोचवे पर्यंत सगळी कामं…त्यातही नवरीचा भाऊ म्हणजे सर्वांच्या आकर्षणाचं केंद्र(अर्थात कामं सांगण्यासाठी)…! थोडक्यात जरा शाब्दिक सफर करूया 29 डिसेंबर 2015 ची…

26 डिसेंम्बर 2015 रोजी देवब्राम्हण. हळद लावण्यापासून ते चुडा भरणे व मुहूर्त पूजेपर्यंत अगदी उल्हासात. मामेभावंडं कधी माझ्या घरी येतात तर हाच तो मजेचा काळ. मला आठवतं… हल्दीस्नानाच्या वेळी माझा मुद्दाम हट्ट की हळदीची गाणी लावायची. त्यासाठी होम थिएटर विकत आणण्याची वेगळी करामत आणि दुसऱ्या दिवशी अंगणात सगळ्यांनी त्याच होम थिएटर वर “शांताबाई” (झिंगाट नव्हतं ना तेव्हा) लावून फेर धरून नाचण्याची आणखी गंमत…! हे सगळं आजी – आजोबा पाहत होते…आणि दुसऱ्या नातीचं लग्न पाहतोय याचं समाधान त्यांच्या चेहऱ्यावर दिसत होतं.

लग्नात घालण्याच्या पेहरावासाठी मी जरा जास्तच खर्ची घातलं. म्हणजे लग्न निलिमाचं आहे की माझं हेच कळायला जागा नाही…😁

सीमंतीपूजनाच्या रात्री फारसे सुखद अनुभव आले नाहीत. सरबराई करणं काय असतं ते मला त्या दिवशी कळलं. इथून पुढे कुणाची सरबराई करणार तर नाहीच….स्वतःच लग्न (कधी केलंच तर) कोर्ट मॅरेज करेन हे नक्की…!!

वरातीत फारसा नाचण्याचा माहोल नसला तरी उत्साह भरपुर होता. आवर्जून मंगलाष्टक म्हणून मला माझ्या अल्पशा संगीत शिक्षणाचा अल्पसा परिचय देणं स्वाभाविक…😀

लग्नात सर्वाधिक आकर्षण होतं ते रुखवताचं. रुखवतावर नवरीच्या सासरच्यांसाठी संदेश होता. तो आज ते पाळत असतीलच अशी माझी आशा आहे.

बिदाई मध्ये रुकु ताईच्या लग्नात काही रडू आलं नाही. पण निलिमा स्वतःहून बिलगून अश्रू ढाळत असताना माझ्या डोळ्यात पाणी आलं…पुन्हा त्याचे प्रवाह वाहू लागले…!

असो…आज तीन वर्षे झाली. याचं फलित म्हणून “मामा” चा जप न सोडणारी भाची पण मिळाली. आता या लग्नाचं फलित सुखी आयुष्याच्या रूपाने निलिमा व निखीलराव दोघांनाही मिळो ही सदिच्छा….!!

Warm Regards,

Dnyanesh Make “The DPM”

Game of Thrones : Villains with Visions – Ramsay Bolton

“If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention…!”

Ramsay Bolton, Game of Thrones

(—Ramsay Bolton—)

“””Disclaimer : If you don’t know what Game of Thrones is, please go through this link and read my previous blog.”””

Game of Thrones

Hello Westorousi People,

Valãr Morghülis…!

While watching the first 2 seasons of GoT, did we ever think someone even more brutal af will be there, other than Joffrey..? But then he came in season 3. For almost a season, we didn’t even know his name. All we could guess, that he was the bastard son of Roose Bolton. Though, he was playing hard. His brutality was making us happy till some point. He literally broke Theon Greyjoy from inside. For the first few episodes of his torture to Theon, we were like “C’mon dude, hurt the traitor more”… Soon as he “cut” him, we were scared the shit out of us.

(—Ramsay torturing Theon Greyjoy—)

Ramsay Roose Bolton, a bastard son of betrayer Roose. He was much more than just being a brutal killer and a torturer. He was a splendid manipulator of people. He did not care anyone but himself. Let us know how brilliant was his politics.

When given a chance to take over Winterfell from Theon, indirectly by Robb Stark, he could have done it simply by killing Theon, but his plans were different. He made Theon weak. He broke him from inside so that the invasion by his people, the iron islanders can be broken by torturing him. The success of breaking Theon’s self is evident when his sister Yara comes to save him, he refuses to go. Theon’s subconscious is upheld by Ramsay when he names him ‘Reek’ and makes to act as he says. While Ramsay had a task of occupying Moat Cailin, the southern edge of the North, occupied by iron islanders, Theon is brilliantly used to manipulate them. Thus, we can say Ramsay had a vision as he did not kill Theon but manipulated him.

(—Ramsay brilliantly manipulates Theon—)

His visionary aspect is more evident when in the 2nd episode of season 4, he recognises Jon Snow as a threat to Boltons’ claim on Winterfell. His estimate was actually true, because as we know, Jon Snow overthrew him from Winterfell by defeating him in the Battle of Bastards.

His aspect on recognising Jon as a threat had a plan. He wanted to attack the Night’s Watch. Roose Bolton questioned him in this regard if he wanted to raise every house in the North against them, by attacking the Night’s Watch. Ramsay calmly said that the Umbers and the Karstarks, on Boltons’side, together hold more army than all other houses in the North. This plan didn’t actually carried.

(—Ramsay being beaten by Jon—)

Too much pride is a poison. Thus, poor Sansa, another victim of Ramsay’s brutality turned out to be a devil for him. The defeat of Ramsay was more of his own mistake rather than Jon’s bravery. We celebrated his death but he remained to be the most hated character and the most admired villain in the history of the Novel series and the TV series.

Stay tuned. Next villain will be Roose Bolton.

Warm Regards,

Dnyanesh Make “The DPM”

Winter is Coming – Part 3 :: Droughts, Floods, Tsunamis and Disasters.

In previous two parts of this blog series, we have discussed how environmental disturbance is leading towards disastrous situations such as an ice age and extinction of many living beings. If you haven’t read it till yet, please go through the following links and read them. The link will open in a new tab.

Winter is Coming – Part 1

Winter is Coming – Part 2

In this part, I am informing about the natural disasters, that global warming has brought to us and it will be bringing them many more times….!

1) Droughts

Such a familiar term isn’t it…? Oh…how much litres of water did you waste today for your bathing…? Can you just reduce your use of dishwashers and washing machines to 50%..? Can you just stop using showers even when your region has enough water supply…? I’m sure you won’t….but you must. Because the world is running out of water, faster than ever before…!!!

Earth’s surface has almost 72% of the water. 97 percentile of the water is in oceans. The rest 3 percentile of water is comprised of ice and water. 2 percentile is ice and only 1 percentile is what we use. The water in rivers, ponds, lakes, dams all over the world is just 1% of the total water on entire planet. This isn’t wonder. This is highschool taught geographic information.

As explained in previous blogs, extreme climatic conditions and irregular climatic changes have lead disturbance in rainfalls. Almost every nation in the world is facing droughts every year. India, Pakistan, China, The US, Africa…the drought is everywhere.

We have dams on rivers. Whenever rain falls in the seasons, the rivers get flooded with water and the dams are filled. The dams keep providing us water round the clock. Small towns, Cities and Metros have access to the dams. Villages have local irrigation systems such as small dams, lakes, canals, rivers, wells, borewells etc. When any monsoon disappoints, the first victims are villages. They run out of water earlier than anywhere. The dam still holds water. But now that rain had shortfall, their pace of emptying becomes faster. So, small towns are cut off from the water supply gradually. Then small cities are also provided with less water. This continues till water in the dams vanishes. This happened in Maharashtra recently. 2011 was the year when the monsoon was full of rainfalls and dams filled 100%. But for four subsequent years, monsoon disappointed Maharashtra, especially the region of Marathwada. 2016 was the year when 40% of the dams in Maharashtra were completely empty. Almost every other dam was below 40% of the reserves. Latur city and the District in Maharashtra literally ran out of all sources of water. The dams, backwater dams, canals, rivers, wells, borewells all were dry. This was a very gruesome period when Latur was provided water by railway tankers for almost 3 months.

(—The Water Carrying Rail Tanker in Latur—)

This was one scenario of drought. Let’s see some more. Droughts obviously affects agriculture. Crops are burnt in absense of water. Farmers suffer huge losses, stuck in the loans and suicide.

(—Maharashtra Major Drought 2018—)

This was the ground reality. Now let’s talk some more about the reasons of drought. Lack of monsoon is a problem, yes, but the massive rate of drilling millions of cusecs of underground water is a trouble. The underground water table is the only source when rivers run dry. But massive drilling of it is leading to desertification of land and invitation of droughts.

The world has 3 major ice shelfs. South Pole, North Pole and the Himalayas. Himalaya is the source of water for more than 4 to 5 major rivers such as Ganga, Yamuna, Jhelum, Ravi etc. Ganga originates at Gangotri in Himachal Pradesh. The natives say that the origin point of Ganga has gone far back upto 7 Kilometres in the last 40 years. Did you get it…? No..? If no, then please stop reading this.

(—Ice melting in Himalayas—)

Global Warming is a killer. Himalayan rivers will gradually run dry. Then the entire region North India, Pakistan, Tibet and Kashmir will suffer from major and long term droughts, if Himalayan ice reserve melts. Oh, forgot to mention, the melting of Himalayan ice reserves will firstly cause severe floods. Floods especially in Summers. Ice will melt till end and floods will come. Massive floods that will kill thousands and destroy cities.

Drought will not only make us thirsty, but it will starve. Vegetables, grains and edible non veg….all will be scarce.

2)Floods and Tsunamis

(—Kerala Floods 2018—)

Extreme Climatic Conditions lead to extreme rainfall, exactly where it’s not needed. This causes massive floods and all the flood water flows through cites. Destroys properties and kills people. Floods leave so much destruction and ofcourse, diseases. Recently, Kerala faced such a vast and vicious flood. Almost 20000 crores rupees of loss was suffered in the state. These floods are killing people in Northeast India, East China and many other South Asian Countries. The most regretful thing is, the so much water which passes away in the floods, can be used in drought places, alas, we don’t have such infrastructure.

(—Tsunami Live Picture—)

Irregularity in the core of oceans leads to Tsunamis. Earthquakes under the ocean is the prior most factor for Tsunamis. Tsunami is a giant killer. It washes away the coastal cities in a matter of seconds.

3) Other Disasters

(—Satelite image of Hurricane Katrina—)

Hurricanes are caused by irregular fluctuations in the ocean temperature. They are being more frequent and more disastrous every next year. The East Coast of the US is fed up with the every year hurricane drama. Many a times they are hit with snow hurricanes, even more disastrous. Even countries like India are facing hurricanes, where hurricanes used to be rarest of the things. Hundred and one percent global warming is responsible for it.

There are and will be many more natural disasters. The list is vast and my blog must not. Thus, instead of discussing the problem anymore, look forward for the list of solutions. The next and final part of the blog series is coming soon. Stay tuned.

Warm Regards,

Dnyanesh Make “the DPM”

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Game of Thrones : Villains with Visions – Joffrey Baratheon

“””Disclaimer : If you don’t know what Game of Thrones is, please go through this link and read my previous blog.”””

Game of Thrones

Hello Westorousi People….

Valãr Morghülis..!!

There are two kinds of people in the world…those who hate Joffrey and those who don’t watch GoT. As all of us know that Joffrey was never really a Baratheon but a Lannister, this was known to him as well. Although, he loved his father. This statement has very less evidences in support but he did love Robert Baratheon as a father…at least for his own sake of being a Crown Prince and a would be King. When Ned Stark plotted against him, his mother was smart enough to defend Joffrey and seize Ned, but Joffrey wasn’t smart as he beheaded Ned and invited many wars at doorstep. Even in Season 2 Episode 6, Tyrion, his uncle and Hand of the King, slapped him saying “A Vicious Idiot King.” For all we are impressed, is Joffrey was a cruel, selfish but idiot King.

But very few have gone through the aspect of Joffery which I’m going to tell. He had a vision for his own reign. He had it as a King should have. Let me give you an example, in Season 1 Episode 3, when he used to be Crown Prince, he suggests Cersei, his Mother and the Queen, that an army trained by soldiers should be appointed to the Crown. He was of opinion that the Northerners have been given too much power. Someone loyal to the Crown should be given the charge of the North as Warden of the North. Did you notice what Tywin Lannister, his grandfather and subsequent Hand of the King did in Season 3 to end the Northern rebellion…? He plotted with Roose Bolton to Kill the Stark family in return of making Roose Warden of the North. Joffrey suggested this in Season 1….!!

If you ever notice Tommen, his younger brother, when became of the same age as was Joffrey in Season 1 and 2, all he wanted to do was to have his Queen Margaery in his bed. He was mad in love with her. Joffrey, on the other hand, enjoyed torturing and humiliating people. He was romantic with Margaery at times but was never mad for her. He had a vision for his own reign. He wanted to rule cruelly. He wanted to have everyone to his feet. Alas, there was Sansa who can expose him to Lady Olenna, he couldn’t.

In Season 2 Episode 1, Joffrey rudely asks Cersei if Robert has any children from prostitutes. In the same discussion, we came to know that Joffrey was aware of his real biological father. He has a plan for strengthening his claim to the throne. Oh wait, in the scene, he says “It’s not claim, the throne is mine.” He then orders to kill all the bastard sons of Robert Baratheon. Had Cersei even thought this…? Joffrey had a vision for his reign.

But he remained an idiot though, thus got killed. His death was celebrated amongst fans. His brutality as a villain stayed with us.

Next villain will be Ramsay Bolton….!!

Warm Regards,

Dnyanesh Make “the DPM”

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Winter is Coming – Part Two :: The Sixth Extinction Event

In the previous blog, we have discussed how disastrous future we have, through the destruction of environment and how actually a long, freezing and terrible winter will come because of the same. If you haven’t read it, please go through this link below and read it.

Winter is Coming – Part 1

Now, coming for the subject matter of this part of the blog series, we need to understand what actually is an extinction event..?

Did you ever notice you’re seeing less sparows than you used to see in childhood…? I’m sure you are aware of extinction of sparows because of massive radio and micro waves of mobile communication technology. An extinction event is a long term event of destruction of many living beings. Earth has witnessed 5 extinction events in the 4.5 billion years of history. But the sixth one, which is ongoing, is the only one, caused by human activities…!!

Scientifically known as Anthropocene Extinction, this extinction event may turn out to be a horrible disaster. Let me give you some facts to make a sense : In the last 40 years, we have lost 50% of the ocean living species. Yes, they’re extinct forever.

So horrible isn’t it…? Okay, be ready for even worse : We are about to run out of some important food grain species in a matter of 100 years.

How the hell is this even possible…?? Come on, this is a long story. We’ll discuss here in brief.

All the living beings are jointly known as an ecology. They depend on each other. Thus they form an ecological cycle. Sheep eat the grass and the wolves eat the sheep. Whenever there’s an irregularity in the cycle, this cycle breaks. Such continuous breaks eventually lead to extinction of one or more living beings. For example : Because of massive soil pollution, there isn’t enough food for the sheep. So if the sheep are being unfed, they’ll eventually vanish. So what about the wolves then…? If the sheep aren’t there, they’ll starve to death….and thus, their numbers will decrease untill it becomes zero.

This was a small example just to explain exactly how, because of human’s loot of resources, many species are being extinct. No need to explain how pollution kills them.

This is a steady process, though it has a pace of 100 to 1000 times faster than that of previous extinction events.

Due to massive deforestation, many species of trees are already on the edge of extinction…many became extinct till we got to know…! Many wild animals are nearly gone, many are starving to death.

Soil and water pollution leads to bad nutrition of crops and increasing infertility of soil. Massive use of chemical fertilizers are yet another reason for the same.

Underground water level is the key to hold the dust. We are drilling billions of cusecs of water everyday through borewells. That has consequences of increasing desertification and dust conquering over the air. This dust polluted air then corrupts the crops in the fields. Lower level of underground water makes the farms infertile for the crops. No need to explain that underground water level is the most important source of water for today and future, which we are losing.

List of some living beings that may extinct within century.

1)Food Grains such as Wheat, Maize and Oats.

2) Coffee, Chocolate, Bananas Peanuts, Wine Grapes, Strawberries and Soybeans.

3) Wild animals such as Elephants, Leopards, Tigers, Lions and Gorillaz.

4) Ocean creatures such as Sea Turtles, Blue Whales, Many Edible Fish etc.

5) Birds such as Bengal Florican, Cuckoo, Eagle, Owl, Sand Piper, Siberian Crane, Vultures, Ducks, Turtle Doves, Grey Parrots and Sparrows.

All these living beings are going to extinct because of following basic reasons.

1) Massive deforestation has led a great disaster to their ecology.

2) Increasing human population makes their resources scarce. Humanity loots their resources, right from lands to skies.

3) All kinds of pollution leads to poisonous nourishment of these species.

It’s not just for them my friends. When extinction happens, it happens for all. Humanity’s large part will suffer if we don’t act to stop the extinction of living beings. Just imagine if 70% of the world’s source of food grain is wheat and if it goes extinct…what is left to eat will also be finished in no time. We may starve to death.

One thing we as a human need to be cleared that, the world isn’t just ours. Every living being has equal right over its resources. Though humanity has a dominance over global resources, we atleast have some gratitude and sympathy for those who are starving because of us.

In the next part, we’ll be discussing other severe issues of climatic change such as floods, droughts etc.

Warm Regards,

Dnyanesh Make “The DPM”

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Kindly share this blog. Everyone needs to know this. The next part of this blog will be released soon.

Winter is Coming – Part 1

For GoT fans, winter is coming in April 2019.

For busy people in India…winter is here for the season.

For me, it’s coming, and whatever comes with it, it’s gonna consume the whole mankind. I repeat, the whole mankind.

Hello everyone. In this series, the term winter is both the objectification and the real situation of the disastrous future we have, because of our own mistake. “We” includes all the human race, right from the beginning.

Coming to the point, this series is regarding the consequences of global warming, climatic changes and polar ice melting. We will discuss the problem and the possible solutions in detail. For that, we have to be connected throughout the series.


Part 1 – Beginning of the End

Part 2 – The Sixth Extinction Event.

Part 3 – Disasters : Droughts, Floods and Winters.

Part 4 – Possible Solutions and International Achievements.



Here begins the Part 1


Are you thinking this is stereotype…? Heard a several times since childhood, that our environment is in danger and so are we. But have you ever considered how hard will it be for us ..? Can you imagine the ice in Himalayas being melt during a century, and afterwards the Northern India runs out of water…? Can you imagine the situation of Pakistani people when, by 2025, the water level is going to be almost negligible there…? Can you imagine the ultraviolet rays from sun directly hitting you and causing severe cancers and there’s no way out…? This is not an exaggeration. Sooner or later this will be the situation.

Very precisely, because of massive use and misuse of natural resources for development, factory smokes and greenhouse gases, massive deforestation in past 300 years, earth has a lack of ozone. You all know what the ozone does, so let’s not discuss here. Human has been polluting air for more than 300 years at an increasing rate. Thus, ChloroFluoroCarbons or simply, CFC have taken a big share in our environment. It stays in the air. CFC and other carbon compounds jointly do this for years. Lack of trees make them stay in the air. They consume heat and emit more, it results in increasing earth’s ocean temperature at odd times, and thus causing climatic changes and extreme climatic conditions.

So if the heat is increasing, the title should be Summer is Coming right…? Actually yes for a certain period. But winter is coming for sure. How…? Go further and read.

We are aware of some consequences of the global warming that we can notice i.e. droughts, hurricanes, floods,acid rains etc. But there’s something which a large section of society don’t even know, only a few geologists and scientists. I believe we should know it – THE GULF STREAM

Oceans have water flows inside themselves. Gulf stream is probably the biggest of those water flows. Secondly, ocean temperature decide the flow, temperature and speed of the air on earth. The Gulf Stream is a cyclic flow of hot ocean water. Starting from the Gulf of Mexico near Antarctica’s side, it heads to Western coast of Africa and Europe, all the way traveling to the northern Atlantic and Arctic Ocean. Now here is the climax. Arctic ice naturally melts and the cold water is mixed in the flow. It slows down and thus changes it’s direction to the west. It then travels to South, basically takes a “U” turn and reaches to Antarctica again, traveling through the coastal line of North and South America. You can see how the gulf stream flows in the image at the top.

Now you’ll think what’s so great in this..? Yes it is. It holds the temperature of ocean and controls clouds, air and air temperature of almost all over the world. The Gulf Stream transports nearly four billion cubic feet of water per second, an amount greater than that carried by all of the world’s rivers combine

It is because of the Gulf Stream, ice clouds are melted before they freeze. Further, gulf stream is responsible for normal weather conditions all over the world.

The Gulf Stream has a vast share in nourishment of Amazon rainforest. Amazon rainforest is responsible for monsoon of almost half of the world, including India. Basically, gulf stream is the backbone of world’s balanced climate.


Gulf Stream is being disturbed now…

Yes. Gulf Stream is being disturbed because ice shelf on Arctic Ocean is melting abnormally. Ozone layer discrepancy has lead Arctic Ice Shelf an ultimatum. Thus, far more than enough water is being mixed with the Gulf Stream in Atlantic Ocean itself. This is in the initial stage and still causing disastrous snow hurricanes in the US every year. Scientists believe that one day, this gulf stream will completely stop cycling. And whenever it stops, ocean temperature will decrease by several degrees of celcius. This will result in snowstorms all over the world. Everything will freeze. The vapour in the air will also become an ice. For almost a century at least, the Northern hemisphere of the world will suffer from an ice age. This is the winter I was talking about. Surviving this, is a very very tough course.

This will be literally a winter. But by winter, I mean other disasters as well. The ice age I stated above, is one of the strongest possibilities of the environmental disasters. Other disasters are severe droughts, lack of food grains, sinking of islands, severe hurricanes, floods and desertification. All these, we are going to have details about, in next parts. Stay tuned.

One special request, please do share this valuable information as more as you can. This is really a serious issue and we need to be known of.

Next part will be released soon

Warm Regards,

Dnyanesh Make the DPM

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The Versatile Blogger Award…🏆

First of all, A very big thanks to Aishwarya for nominating me for this award.

But honestly Aishwarya, what else I’ve written besides geo-political issues..? Versatility is a tough course. I’m almost nowhere close to it. Though I believe that friends and supporters like you will eventually help me become a good blogger.

Here I’m nominating these people for The Versatile Blogger Award.

1) Vaibhav Joshi (Advait)

Vaibhav is a hidden talent. I bet, a common man would never ever win an argument with him. Perhaps the most unbiased person I met. He has the vast amount of knowledge in literature and sociology. He also has a keen interest in music and keeps a vast information in that sector also. He’s a die-hard fan of A.R. Rahman and Loksatta’s veteran journalist Girish Kuber.

2) Aishwarya Jaju

My goodness, we’ve never met yet but are good friends. She has become a very good friend just by sharing blogs. Her blogs are just wonderful. The way she uses figure of speech is marvelous.

3) Anjor Khopde

Anjor is a wonderful orator. Her blogs can easily depict her versatile talent. Based on one of her blogs, she is good in quantitative aptitude. Well this is a fabulous cocktail. A person has both the mathematical and literary turns of mind.

Some blogs that I found the best are as :

1) “He would never be able to ride it” by Anjor

2) “Opinion on #MeToo” by Aishwarya

And here comes the best….

3) “A blog on Maratha Reservation Politics and Maharashtra’s CM” by Vaibhav

Now, seven things about me, Aishwarya…

1) I believe that everyone in this world is the source of similar energy, divided in many aspects. So I believe that no one is actually different.

2) I’m very self centred person and that, I believe, is a redeeming quality. Not giving a shit to what others say or what are they doing is a great talent that I learnt.

4. Now and always I’m anxious about mankind’s future… because judging by today, it is literally disastrous. You’ll read that in my upcoming blogs

5. I’m a deeply spiritual person. Believe it or not but I have certain vibes. I’m always in connection to someone with somewhere in my own consciousness.

6. I’ve many interests such as literature, traveling, exploring food and culture, exploring thoughts etc etc. The recent development is exploring detective techniques.

7. I’m an open book. I might even share details of my failed love story to a stranger. But in some cases I’m very conservative.

दुसरे शीतयुद्ध :: पर्व पहिले ; भाग दुसरा.

ज्यांनी या आधीचा ब्लॉग वाचला नाही त्यांच्यासाठी, हा ब्लॉग अमेरिका व चीन दरम्यान सुरू असलेल्या ट्रेड वॉर बद्दल आहे. त्यालाच इथं दुसरं शीतयुद्ध असं म्हंटलं आहे.

मागील भागात आपण पाहिलं की कशाप्रकारे चीन व अमेरिका एकमेकांची कॉलर धरून उभे आहेत व्यापारयुद्धाच्या निमित्ताने,काय कारण आहे की ट्रम्प तात्यांनी हे व्यापारयुद्ध चालू केले आणि कशाप्रकारे हे व्यापारयुद्ध हे एक प्रकारे शीतयुद्ध आहे. मागील भाग वाचला नसेल तर किंवा पुन्हा विस्तृत वाचायचा असेल तर या लिंक वर क्लिक करून वाचू शकता.

या भागात प्रमुख तीन गोष्टी पहायच्या आहेत.

—–या युद्धात कशाप्रकारे भारत सामील आहे…?

—–युरोपियन युनियन काय करते आहे …?

—–काय काय परिणाम होतील या युद्धाचे…?

1. भारत कसा सामील आहे..?

जगातील सर्वात वेगाने वाढणारी मोठी अर्थव्यवस्था, जीडीपी ग्रोथ रेट जवळजवळ 8 टक्क्यांच्या घरात….जगभरातील व्यावसायिकांना व्यापाराची नवी दिशा देणारे आणि जगातील सर्वात तरुण व सुशिक्षित लोकसंख्या…एवढे प्रचंड आर्थिक सामर्थ्य असणारा आपला भारत. निश्चितच एक भावी महासत्ता आहेच. इथे अभिमानाचा एक क्षण येऊ पाहतोय आपल्यासाठी. ज्या इंग्रजांनी आपल्याला लुबाडून लुटून बरबाद केलं दीडशे वर्षात,केवळ सत्तर वर्षात त्यांच्या अर्थव्यवस्थेस मागं टाकण्यास आपण सज्ज आहोत. 2019 च्या शेवटापूर्वी हा नारळ फुटेलच.

तर असा हा आपला भारत. मोठ्या प्रमाणावर आपण निर्यात क्षमता वाढवली आहे आणि व्यापारी तूट भरून काढण्यासाठी आणखी वाढवावी लागेल. संकटं काय सांगून येतात का म्हणा,हे व्यापारयुद्ध…म्हणजे हे दुसरं शीतयुद्ध आपल्या या मार्गात एक मोठा अडथळा बनून बसलंय. ट्रम्प तात्यांनी स्टील व अल्युमिनियम वर टॅक्स वाढवला. आता भारत मोठ्या प्रमाणावर अमेरिकेत स्टील आणि अल्युमिनियम पाठवतो,भारतासाठी हे फारच धोक्याचं झालं होतं. उत्तर द्यावच लागतं अशा वेळी. तब्बल 235 बिलियन डॉलर च्या 29 अमेरिकन आयातींवर भारताने टॅक्स वाढवला.

फार नव्हे,मार्च ते जून मधल्या गोष्टी आहेत या. परंतु या अशा ओढाताण करण्याने केवळ नुकसानच होणार हे समजदार भारत जाणून असल्यामुळे,या ट्रेड वॉर मध्ये भारताला न ओढण्याबाबत सतत प्रयत्न केले गेले भारत सरकारकडून.परंतु आता मात्र जेव्हा आपण त्या 29 अमेरिकन वस्तूंवरील टॅक्स 3 नोव्हेम्बर पर्यंतसाठी म्हणून पूर्वपदावर आले,अमेरिका भारतीय स्टीलला पुन्हा एकदा करमुक्त करणार हे जवळजवळ निश्चित आहे. एकंदरच भारताने अमेरिकेशी सलगी साधत या शीतयुध्दातून सहजपणे काढता पाय घेतला आहे. अतिशय समजदारीचे म्हणावे असे हे कौतुकास्पद पाऊल. बरं सहज म्हणून सांगतो,त्या 29 अमेरिकन वस्तूंवर,ज्यांचा व्यापार 235 बिलियन डॉलरचा होता,त्यातले 116 बिलियन डॉलरचे तर फक्त बदामच होते….!!!

भारताचे दुसरे कौतुकास्पद आणि जबरदस्त असे पाऊल म्हणजे कॉर्पोरेट मिनिस्ट्री ने अशा गोष्टींवर लक्ष केंद्रित केले आहे ज्यांची निर्यात आपल्याला केवळ या शीतयुद्धाची संधी साधून वाढवता येईल. याचंच एक उदाहरण म्हणजे,2012 मध्ये तेलबिया व खाद्यतेलाची निर्यात भारताने चीनकडे करणे थांबवले होते,ते आता पुन्हा सुरू झाले कारण अमेरिकन तेलबियांवर चीनने करवाढ केल्याने चीनी व्यापारी भारत व आफ्रिकेकडे वळले आहेत. भारताची या क्षेत्रातील निर्यात दुपटीने वाढण्याची चिन्हे आहेत. वरकरणी भारत फायद्यात दिसतोय.

पण याचा वाईट परिणाम होतोय प्रत्यक्ष व अप्रत्यक्ष परदेशी गुंतवणुकीवर. शांघाय पासून ते मुंबई पर्यंत सगळेच स्टॉक एक्सचेंज सध्या मंदावलेत. येत्या काळात भारतातील फॉरेन एक्स्चेंज रिझर्व्ह कमी होऊ शकतो. रुपयाच्या तुलनेत डॉलरचे महागणे हे त्यांचे एक मापक आहे.

नजीकच्या काळात मात्र फार मोठी हानी दिसत नाही भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्थेला. योग्य निर्णय घेतल्यास निर्यात नक्की वाढेल. “इंपोर्टेड” म्हणून मिरवणाऱ्यानी जरा सांभाळून खरेदी करावी, कारण एक आयफोन जेव्हा भारतीय बाजारात येतो तेव्हा तो बनला असतो अमेरिकेत, असेंबल होतो चीन मध्ये,त्याचे महत्वाचे स्पेअर पार्ट काही जपान व कोरियातुन येतात. म्हणजे या अशा काळात तो किती महाग होईल विचार करा..!!

2. युरोपियन युनियन ची काय भूमिका आहे…?

स्टील व अल्युमिनियम सह अनेक आयातींवर अमेरिकेने निर्बंध लावले असता मोठ्या प्रमाणात युरोपियन देशातील निर्यातकांवर नामुष्की ओढवली. एकंदर ट्रेड वॉर ही अशी गोष्ट आहे,सुरू कुणीही केली तरी उत्तर त्याच भाषेत देणे भागच असते. युरोपलाही नाईलाजास्तव यात यावे लागलेच. युरोपच्या कुठल्या विशिष्ट राष्ट्राबद्दल मी विस्तृतपणे सांगणार नाही,ब्लॉग उगाच मोठा होईल.

युरोपियन युनियन ने वर्ल्ड बँक, अमेरिकन सरकारपासून ते जमेल त्या सर्वांपर्यंत हे ट्रेड वॉर थांबवण्याचे प्रयत्न केले,मात्र असफल. साधारण जानेवारी पासून ते जूनपर्यंत ही कबड्डी खेळून झाल्यावर युरोपियन युनियन ने आपली चाल बदलली.

त्याबद्दल पुढे बोलण्याअगोदर मुद्दाम इथे सांगेन,दुसऱ्या महायुद्धात सर्वात जास्त झळ बसलेला हाच तो युरोप आहे. कुठेही युद्धाची झुळूक सुद्धा लागू न देण्यासाठी व अमेरिका वि. रशिया पहिल्या शीतयुध्दात सुरक्षित राहण्यासाठी म्हणून एकत्र आला. आजही जी पावलं युरोप टाकतय,समजदारीची वाटतात.

विसावी युरोपियन युनियन-चीन परिषद नुकतीच 16 जुलै ला चीन मध्ये बीजिंग शहरात पार पडली . त्यातील ठरावानुसार आता चीन व युरोपियन युनियन मिळून अमेरिकेच्या या आर्थिक हल्ल्याचा सामना करणार असं एकंदर ठरलं आहे. चीन व युरोपियन युनियन मिळून जगभरातील जीडीपीच्या एक तृतीयांश हिस्सा शेअर करतात,तेव्हा आता अमेरिकेस तोंडावर पाडण्याची तयारी या दोन महाशक्तींनी केलीच आहे.

3.) काय काय परिणाम होतील या युद्धाचे…?

हे दुसरे शीतयुद्ध सुरु होतानाच ट्रम्प तात्यांना वर्ल्ड बँकेने सूचित केले होते की असं नका करू,मोठी आर्थिक हानी होईल,पण ऐकेल ती अमेरिका कसली…? अमेरीकेच्या आर्थिक सुरक्षेसाठीचं निमित्त सांगून ट्रम्प तात्यांनी जगाच्या आर्थिक खच्चीकरणाची सुरुवात केलीये.

परिणाम व्हायला सुरू झालेत. तिसऱ्या तिमाहिच्या (quarter) अखेरीस चीनची निर्यातच काय, उत्पादन सुद्धा कमी झालंय. आशियातील,खास करून चीन मधील जवळजवळ सर्व स्टॉक मार्केट्स मध्ये मंदी आहे. चीनला 2025 पर्यन्त संशोधन क्षेत्रात उडी घेऊन मैदान गाजवायचं आहे, जगाला असली चायनीज तंत्रज्ञान देण्यासाठी चीनने कंबर कसली आहे. मात्र अशा परिस्थितीत त्याही गोष्टीवर विपरीत परिणाम होत आहे. चीन कर्ज देतो,तसेच तो कर्ज घेतोही तितक्याच मोठ्या प्रमाणावर. चीनच्या सावकारीचा हा आर्थिक बुडबुडा जराशा मंदीने सुद्धा फुटू शकतो. मंदी येऊ द्यायची नसेल तर मग चीनची निर्यात मंदावली नाही पाहिजे. युरो-चीन परिषदेत याविषयी काही आशेचे किरण दिसलेत.

भारताची निर्यात निश्चितच वाढेल. नजीकच्या काळात आपण या युद्धाचा फायदा घेऊन संधी साधणार हे नक्की. पुढच्या वर्षी होणाऱ्या निवडणुका पाहता ही गोष्ट जास्त शक्य वाटते आहे. मात्र भारतातील परदेशी गुंतवणुकीवर विपरीत परिणाम होईल असं सध्याचं चित्र आहे. शेअर बाजार मंदावेल,जीन्स पॅन्ट किंवा परदेशी ब्रँडचे इतर कपडे तसेच इलेक्ट्रिक साहित्य,महागड्या गाड्या,मोबाईल्स,लॅपटॉप्स व इतर स्मार्ट डिव्हाईस महाग होतील. रुपयाची घसरण डॉलरच्या तुलनेत वाढत जाईल.

चीन आपली अमेरिकेत बंद पडलेली निर्यात युरोपात वाढवून बॅलन्स करेलही. एकंदरच युरोपियन युनियनने सुद्धा सुरक्षात्मक धोरणाचा अवलंब केला आहे. तरीही युरोपात व्यापारी तूट वाढेल.

हेच चित्र जपान, कॅनडा,मेक्सिको व रशियाच्याही बाबतीत आहे.

अमेरिकेत भविष्यात आर्थिक तूट म्हणजेच ट्रेड डीफिसीट वाढेल असं चित्र आहे. कारण आज जर कच्चा माल महाग भेटत असेल तर उत्पादन खर्च वाढेल आणि निर्यात घटेल.

एक गोष्ट मात्र सगळीकडे सारखी आहे,ती म्हणजे सामान्य व्यापारी आणि सामान्य ग्राहकाची नाहक आर्थिक गळचेपी. या शीतयुद्धात कोण जिंकेल माहिती नाही,मात्र सामान्य व्यापाऱ्याने व ग्राहकाने हे युद्ध हरलंय, तेही या युद्धात प्रत्यक्ष सहभाग नसताना…!!


हे पर्व इथं समाप्त होत आहे. याच विषयावर ताज्या माहितीसह नवीन पर्व जानेवारी 2019 मध्ये प्रकाशित होईल. त्यात एकूण 3 ते 4 ब्लॉग्ज असतील.

पुढील ब्लॉग सिरीज येतेय 18 नोव्हेम्बर ला….या ब्लॉग सिरीज चं नाव असेल “विंटर इज कमिंग”. सहा ब्लॉग्ज ची ही सिरीज असेल. त्याबद्दल अधिक माहितीसाठी माझा हा ब्लॉग पहा या लिंक वर जाऊन.

तोपर्यंत या ब्लॉग्जना जास्तीत जास्त शेअर करा,कमेंट करा व लाईक सुद्धा करा.

Warm Regards,

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Upcoming Blogs in the next few months

A lot ideas and topics are in my mind. Few of them can be written and expressed. Thus, following blog series will be forthcoming after Cold War II series ends. Share this to all the blog lovers or the interested persons regarding these topics.

1)Winter Is Coming… One Way or the Other..!!

This is regarding the foreseeable disaster that’s ought to come because of environmental damage and possible nuclear wars. This series will be divided in 6 parts,each having 4 days gap. Possible timeline is 17th November to 10th December 2018.

2) India – The Next Global Superpower

This series will let you know all the facts,myths and probabilities of India’s aspect of being a global superpower. It will be divided into 3 parts,each having 3 days gap. Probable timeline is 16 December to 31st December.

3)The Cold War II – Season 2

This series,an extension of current series will be explaining the updates of this rivalry between China and the US. All the consequences happened and probabilities to be deducted will be there in mid January 2019. It will be divided into 3 parts having 4 days gap.

P.S. All these blogs will be in English.

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दुसरे शीतयुद्ध :: पर्व पहिले ; भाग पहिला

शीतयुद्ध म्हणजे दोन मोठ्या देशांमधील राजकीय आणि आर्थिक तणावाची अशी परिस्थिती ज्यात दोन्हीकडून समोरच्याला शस्त्राविना घायाळ करण्याचे आर्थिक आणि राजकीय प्रयत्न (थोडक्यात कारस्थानं) केले जातात.

शीतयुद्ध एकदा होऊन गेलं या जगात. थोडं थोडकं नव्हे तर तब्बल 46 वर्षे..!! बरेचदा लोक त्या शीतयुद्धाचे दोन भाग करतात पण तसं खर तर नाही. अमेरिका आणि रशिया 1991 पर्यंत साम्यवाद आणि भांडवलशाही वरून एकमेकांची कॉलर धरूनच होते. जग तेव्हा अणूयुध्दाच्या सावटाखाली होतं.

मग आता काय झालंय…??

या जगात एक नवी महासत्ता येऊ पाहतेय.(उफाळून आलेली देशभक्ती बाजूला ठेवा मी चीनबद्दल बोलतोय. आपल्याला अजून वेळ आहे.)

डोनाल्ड ट्रम्प उर्फ तात्या स्वतः म्हंटलेत की चीनने अमेरिकेचा 500 बिलियन डॉलर चा व्यापार एका वर्षात चोरला. एकंदर सर्व बाजूने आपल्या तोडीस तोड जगात कुणी उभं राहतंय हे अमेरिकेला तेव्हाही बघवलं नाही आणि आताही बघवत नाहीये.

दुसरीकडे चीन,प्रचंड बलाढ्य झालेला…सगळीकडे सगळ्या क्षेत्रात यशस्वी घोडदौड चालूच. जीडीपी तर पाच वर्षात अमेरिकेला मागे टाकेल इतका जबरदस्त. निर्यातीत सगळ्यात पुढे. विकासात आदर्श. अर्थकारण वाखाणण्याजोगे. सगळंच कसं भव्यदिव्य. पण वाढ मात्र आता कमी होत चाललीये अर्थव्यवस्थेची. उत्पादन इतकं झालंय की घ्यायला कुणी नाही. मग जगात इतर देशांमध्ये निर्यात करूया. मग दक्षिण चिनी समुद्रात अमेरिका डोळे वटारून उभा असताना कसे जातील जहाज…?? मदतीला धावून आला परममित्र पाकिस्तान. “चीन पाकिस्तान इकॉनॉमिक कॉरिडॉर” मधून अरबी समुद्र गाठला तर सहज शक्य. सध्याला हे चीन-पाकच्या सुखी संसाराचं रुखवत 40% पूर्ण झालंय. चीन आपल्या ध्येयाच्या जवळ आहे. शिवाय “वन बेल्ट वन रोड “ या चीनच्या मोठ्या आंतरराष्ट्रीय निर्यात प्रकल्पात तब्बल 60 देश सहभागी झालेत. चीनने आशिया तर जिंकलाच. आफ्रिकेत सुद्धा अनेक देशात कोट्यवधी डॉलर्सची गुंतवणूक करून रस्ते, रेल्वे इ. बांधणे चालूच आहे.

आता अमेरिकेसमोर प्रश्न पडला, कोण रोखणार हे वादळ…??

शेवटी तात्यांच्या “सुपीक” डोक्यातून आयडिया निघालीच.अमेरिकेत आयात केल्या जाणाऱ्या चीनी सोलर पॅनल्सवर या जानेवारी मध्ये आयात कर वाढवलाच. पण काहि खास नुकसान झालं नाही म्हणा. 6 जुलैपर्यंत हे प्रयत्न चालू राहिले, शेवटी प्रोसेसर चिप वर आयात कर वाढवून चीनला धक्का दिलाच. चीनने सुद्धा मग कार व इतर अनेक अमेरिकन वस्तूंवर करवाढ केली. करोडो डॉलर्सचा व्यापार बुडाला. हे सत्र अजूनही चालूच आहे. याला व्यापार युद्ध म्हणतात.

पण आठवतंय का शीतयुद्धाची व्याख्या वर काय दिली आहे..? परत वाचा…!!

इथे एकमेकांचं आर्थिक खच्चीकरण चालू आहे. म्हणून हे पण एक शीतयुद्धच आहे. “अलीबाबा” चे सर्वेसर्वा जॅक मा म्हणतात हे वीस वर्षे चालेल…!!

पुढील भागात…::

—- भारत यात कसा सामील आहे..?

—–युरोपियन युनियन व रशियाचा काय संबंध आहे..??

—-काय काय परिणाम होतील या शीतयुद्धाचे…??

3 ऑक्टोबर 2018 रोजी पुढील भाग येईल.

— Information Compilation and Analysis by Dnyanesh Make “the DPM.”

Warm Regards

Game of Thrones

I have always been loving to watch movies and fictional shows. Being an Indian,I had access to Bollywood movies in my childhood which I loved. My genres of loving fiction have always been improving periodically. The day I realised south Indian dubbed movies are the worst shit I can watch,my journey towards quality content was begun.

On heavy recommendations from my friend Vaibhav,I started watching Game of Thrones (Thanks to the pirated copies he had). In just 34 days…I had done with all the 7 seasons. The show was so fantastic as I found….that the season 4,I started watching 8.00 PM, Around 6’0 clock in the morning I had watched the season completely.

After watching all the seasons,I once again started to watch it from the beginning,but with a rapid speed. I started to understand the whole and untold stories. I read the extracts from the books and found some clues and amazing subsequences that are not shown in the TV series.

(—The Map of Game of Thrones World—-)

Coming to the storyline, written by George R R Martin in 1996,the first book of the series ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’,”Game of Thrones” was published. A completely fictional story in a fictional world with a bulk of extra ordinary characters.

(— A still from the Battle of Blackwater—)

The story revolves around the era of medieval age where houses and kingdoms are busy in the internal politics,a supernatural threat in winter is ought to come and destroy them. A few are being aware and rest are enjoying the politics,wars and betrayals. TV series states this much but the history far beyond the rise of seven kingdoms,the rise of men and the mankind in this world is stated in the books. I’ll explain the whole history in detail but in next articles….!!

(—The Demon who doesn’t really haunt, but literally destroys everything. The Night King—)

Warm Regards..!!!